Haynes Creek Primitive Baptist Church - Established 1826



November 2013

By Larry Rutledge

A Newsletter from  the Haynes Creek Cemetery Committee – Founded 1947





 Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Psalms 116:15


I have had many people tell me how well the cemetery looks.  I thank the Lord for his blessing, for the committee and their work, for your keeping your gravesites in order, for your donations and Buddy Barnes, our landscaper doing a good job.  God continues to bless. 


As we look over the cemetery we see the beautiful tombs, flowers, etc. and if we don’t have Jesus in our hearts we can look thru the eyes of fear.  But because of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and our receiving him as Lord and Savior, we can not only see the physical beauty of the cemetery, we can also look thru the eyes of faith, knowing that the cemetery is not the end, only a step to Heaven.  I thank the Lord for his sacrifice for you and I and hope you are looking thru the eyes of faith in Jesus.


Since completion of recording of graves we now know we have:

1616 graves marked with names; 1570 graves identified only by rocks (no name); and 39 names of people buried that have no identification.


We know that we have the following number of veterans, but feel sure there are many more that we have no way of knowing their status.


1 Revolution War

7 Confederate States of America

10 World War I

15 World War II

3 Korean War

2 Vietnam War


I thank God for these and many other veterans for their sacrifice.


Just to mention one, Mr. Isaac Johnson Bailey.  He and his wife, Susan, are buried just behind and very near the church.  During the Civil War, Mr. Bailey served in almost every major military campaign in the east, according to his great-granddaughter, Melissa Furman of Jacksonville, Florida.  One was the Battle of Olustee or Battle of Ocean Pond in February 1864.  He surrendered with Joseph E. Johnston in North Carolina.  His service carried him from Georgia, to Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.


Thanks to all our veterans; it is because of God’s blessings and their service that we enjoy the freedom we have. 


Founded in 1947-All Voluntary

Martha Allen

Evelyn Elliott

Nell Foster

Harold Landress, Landscaping Management  770-979-1636

Chris Rutledge- Management  of Grave Placement and Sales (when available)  770-861-2528

Jim Martin – Vice Chairman


Kristy McCullers-Secretary


Tracy Moon

Susan Pierson

Chloe Rutledge

Stephen Rutledge

Tommy Rutledge

Larry Rutledge-Chairman


Janice Rutledge

Nan Wilson- Treasurer


Tony Wood

Dwight McCart

Jim Coker

Dey Smith

Rickey Brooks


We like to share with you some information about each of our members in the newsletter.


This year we want to highlight Martha Allen.


Martha Caroline Thomas Allen was born November 3, 1921, to Isaac Feaster and Cora Lou Brooks Thomas on a farm on Pate Road near the intersection of Rosebud Road and Pate Road just south of the church.


Because of hard times caused by a drought when she was 3 years old, her family moved to Jacksonville, Florida where her dad got a job at the Jacksonville Traction Co. as conductor on a street car.  She graduated high school in 1939 and later studied horticulture and design at North Carolina State College and the University of Georgia and received her Masters Certificate as a nationally accredited flower show judge in 1972.


She and Marshall Allen were active members of the Methodist Church Youth Group.  They fell in love and were married April 17, 1942 just 4 months prior to him going into the army and becoming a medic that worked in the 58th General Hospital unit caring for the sick and wounded. While Marshall served during the war overseas, Martha worked for the Admirals Staff of the Naval Operational training.


After her studies and accreditation as a Master Flower Show Judge, she judged shows in Atlanta, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and as far away as England.  She served as president of Evergreen Garden Club of Greater Atlanta and the Designer’s Judges Study Club.


She and Marshall have one son, David, born November 29, 1948. For many years now she and her family have been very active in the United  Methodist Church.

Unfortunately, Marshall’s health declined and he was diagnosed with lung cancer and 2 weeks later died on June 5, 2007.  Marshall, Martha’s mom and dad and her grandparents, George and Emma Jane Palmer Brooks, are all buried at Haynes Creek.  Martha has worked on the cemetery committee for 23 years and for a period of time served as secretary.  Martha and Marshall both served on the committee and did a great job. 


Martha, thank you for all you do and have done to preserve the cemetery and may God continue to bless and lead you and your family.



Our web site is www.haynescreekcemetery.com.

Please remember you can’t get our  website through google.  You must use our web address.



This is another reminder to do coping on your site if you haven’t already done so.  I know this is an old reminder you have read many times, but there are still many that haven’t been done.  This is in many cases the only means we have of knowing that it belongs to someone. 



Please contact us if you know of family members that wish to be on our mailing list, or if someone should be deleted.  Please notify Larry Rutledge at 770-972-2008 or larry_rutledge@bellsouth.net.



Before you have a grave dug you must notify Chris Rutledge at 770-861-2528.  This helps us better manage the grounds and our records. We have been having a problem with grave diggers dumping extra dirt on the property.  Because some will not adhere to No Dumping signs posted and dump anyway, we have imposed a $1000.00 per incidence of dumping on church property.  So please be sure to advise your funeral home of this because they will be billed for it.



Everyone is invited to our two work days we have each year.  Their dates are Saturday before Thanksgiving and the 3rd Saturday in April at 9:00 a.m. and we usually are finished by 1 p.m.  Come and bring your rake, shovel, etc. and we will have a great time fellowshipping while we work to help preserve our historic cemetery.


Also, I want to thank the following for helping out at our latest Fall and Spring workdays.  Rickey Brooks, Jim Coker, Dey and Greg Smith, and their daughter Emma Cate, Nan Wilson, Harold Landress, Chris Rutledge, Kristy McCullers,  Betty Thomas, Jim Martin, Tony Stevens, Susan Pierson, and Janice & Larry Rutledge.



This year we had the most people ever to attend.  It was very good. We had as special guests, Jason and Ryan Brooks and historian Bobby Basford.  It was a good time of remembrance of those gone on before. 


Our next Memorial Service is planned for March 30. 2014, at 3:00 p.m.  Details to be announced later.



Brenda Kay Farmer, Sec. 2-312, 11-7-2012

Dorothy Sleeper, Sec. 4-398, 12-27-2012

Kathryn Brooks Claborn, Sec. 4- 301, 12-31-2012

Brenda Faye Hewatt, Sec. 3, 879, 1-6-2013

Marcus Aurelius Brooks, Jr., Sec. 4-460, 1-13-2013

Debra Sue Baker, Sec. 2, 126, 2-4-2013

Willie Stancil, Sec. 3-401, 3-15-2013

Reba Ann Johnson Smith, Sec. 4-292, 5-15-2013

James Edward Copeland, Sec. 4-170, 5-19-2013

Bobby Eugene Herrington, Sec. 2-103A, 6-1-2009 (ashes to be placed)

Olin H. Herrington, Sec. 2-104, 5-21-2013

Ruby J. Brackett, Sec. 4-380, 7-5-2013

Marion Carlton Middlebrooks, Jr., Sec. 3-834-A, 8-13-2013

Thomas E. (Buddy) Baker, Jr. Sec. 3-1113, 7-27-2013




As you may notice, we have moved the information board and had a beautiful granite wall built around it.  This will help people find grave sites as needed. 


The GPR work is underway.  Many unmarked graves have been identified and we thank  Rickey Brooks for installing rock markers on several of them.


The blue rug juniper has now been removed.  We had to do this in order to do the GPR work.  It had also began to take over several grave sites that you could not tell if a grave was there or not.  It all looks much better now.  I want to personally say thank you to Keenan Byrd and his crew for doing this for us.


We now have a garbage can near the front center of the cemetery for you to discard your old flowers, etc.  Thanks to Buddy Johnson owner of Sanitation Solutions for providing that service.



The following article was written by Jonanthan C. Braswell, Born, April 23, 1885, Died, October 22, 1912, and buried in Sec. 3-155.  He was a student at Toccoa Falls College.  Soon after this was written he, his wife and child contracted tuberculosis and died.  We think the article was written around 1910.  Information is provided by his niece, Polly Landress. 




Haynes Creek is a community of peace and happiness.  Our people are kind and religious and law-abiding citizens, who make their living by hard labor, tilling the soil, which in places is rich and very productive, while in other places it is poor and produces but little.  They principally raise corn, oats and rye on the bottom lands of Haynes Creek and its branches, and cotton and wheat on the uplands.  They manifest great interest in their gardens, potato patches, orchards, dairying and beef- raising.


Our community is growing.  In six years there has been 20 new dwelling houses built very close to Haynes Creek, one store (owned by J. T. Johnson) and a gin. With up-to- date machinery owned by Mr. Rawlins.

About fifty years ago there was a small private school house here and a school taught by Prof. Alfred Smith, and probably by Prof. Baggett, now of Bethlehem, but for many years it has been out of use and we had no school close by until last year, when the Board of Education of Gwinnett county formed a new district, called the Rosebud school district, and with the help of the people, built a new school house.  It is a good one, handsomely trimmed and we now have a school with flattering prospects, under the supervision of Mrs. Dora Brown.  The boys will open a debating society here soon.

About the year 1826 the Primitive Baptists organized a church here and built a little log cabin where our present house now stands, which stood for a long time.  When it was torn away an old framed house was built and stood until 1893, when our present one was erected at a cost of $1,000.  Mr. Bert Brand, of Lawrenceville, furnished $500, and promised $1,000 if they would build a brick house instead of a wooden one.

When the log cabin served them there was no fire place or stove, but they went to meeting cold or hot, and when it was cold they would meet and build a fire on the ground in front of the church and warm until the time for services arrived and then go into the house and hold service and go home.  Now we have a good house and some times in winter do not have regular meetings.  This shows the difference in the two generations of people.  It has been estimated that 2,000 people were here last May and August, and preachers from several adjoining states and one from Pennsylvania.  Rev. W. D. Almand, of Conyers, is the pastor of the church and has been for forty years.

We have good roads from here to Lawrenceville, 11 miles north of this place, and to Loganville, 4 miles and to Rosebud, 2 miles, and to Snellville, 5 miles.  We have one free rural mail delivery and another expected soon.

A few years ago squirrels, rabbits and birds were plentiful, but game has become scarce.


Our most prosperous farmers are John Wade, W. P. Gresham, Henry Thomas, W. B. Knight, Thomas Smith and R. B. Beavers.


Written by Jonathan C. Braswell










Thank you for your prayers, your work on the cemetery and your financial support.  Without that support very little could be accomplished.  To make tax free donations please mail to:

Haynes Creek Cemetery Committee

% Nan Wilson

95 McElroy Street

Winder, GA  30680



In the 2012 Newsletter: ‘The Midway school that Mrs. Nell Foster taught at was actually located at the fork of Rosebud and Brushy Fork Road; not Rosebud Rd. and Stephens Rd.’

My apology.


May God continue to richly bless and use each of you through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.